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Eric Joray’s professional decisions were guided by his passions. Trained in precision mechanics, he worked in the watchmaking sector for 10 years – a natural choice for this boy from the Neuchâtel mountains. He then became involved in the creation of prefabricated homes. Crucially, this gave him eight years’ experience in the fields of architecture and construction. He then began growing orchids.

Watchmaking, architecture, orchids… three fields brought together by Eric Joray’s passion for beauty, and linked by a simple sentence:

I love the fact that a craftsman
is also a little bit of an artist.

Having trouble making the link to minimalist windows? Well, where do you grow orchids? In greenhouses and conservatories… with large glazed panels. He combined his expertise to build more than 800 conservatories, marking the first milestone on the journey to his true vocation.


Staying true to his roots, he created the first modern minimalist window in Saint-Aubin-Sauges, Switzerland, in a former watchmaking building that would become his company headquarters. And, true to his values, he employed only those who shared his love of technical mastery and overcoming challenges. The result was Vitrocsa: a contraction of “VITRes” (French for windows), “Orchidées” (orchids), “Constructions” and “SA” (a French abbreviation used by public limited companies). A simple word signifying the vocations of a life built around originality.

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