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Opt for simplicity and free your imagination, with infinite adaptability

The sliding window is a unique horizontal opening solution. The structure is anodised 25 micron aluminium alloy, in a natural colour finish. As an option, the thermolacquered or anodised versions are available in an infinite choice of colours. The roller bearing system is made from stainless steel specially adapted for projects near the sea. Fixed or sliding, the width of the vertical profile is 22 mm and is only limited by the maximum surface area of the glass. Button-locking available with two-point locking and cylinder locking with key. Motorisation possible.


The Vitrocsa sliding window is available in versions suited to a range of applications:




The curved application supports a radius of 3 metres for mobile elements and 1.5 metres for fixed




This application removes the need for an internal or external architectural enclosure. It features 32 or 44 mm double or triple glazing, and sliding window surfaces of up to 18 m².




It is possible to conceal one or more sliding panels in a closed and isolated space




This solution frees the angle from any jambs. All combinations of rails are possible, for example a combination of two and three rails


The Vitrocsa sliding version is available in several ranges, adapted to the installation conditions of your projects.



Discover the technical details by downloading the Vitrocsa technical brochure


A range of equipment is available as an option:

Mosquito Net

We offer several solutions for insect-related problems. It is possible to add a rail allowing a mosquito net to be inserted, or a folding canvas to be concealed, offering coverage of 80 cm in the vertical jamb.


Our motorisation system is built into the architectural design, allowing for minimal interference, and simple, quiet opening.
The motorisation system is fully hidden in the top part of our Vitrocsa frame and only requires a height of 12 cm. The maximum driving force is 180 N for a maximum weight of 1200 kg per motor. The maximum motion speed is 167 mm/s-1 and slows when a second leaf is driven.
The system has an automatic electrical closure which is compatible with all home automation opening systems: digicode, push-button, badge reader, etc. To ensure complete safety, the system stops when it meets an obstacle.

Safety & Security

It is essential that we meet the requirements and expectations of our clients while offering them the highest level of safety and security. Our product meets the highest standards such as RC2. Various additional components are available to meet other safety and security requirements, such as:

  • Alarm directly integrated into our system

  • Closed leaf position monitoring

  • Glass breakage detector

  • special burglary-resistant glass

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